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A Disruptor or An Enabler? Hire Your Next CEO With Our CEO Search Services

Author:, March 31, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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What would you like your next CEO to be? A disruptor or an enabler? The ideal answer should be both at the same time, resulting in more agility in this fast-paced business world. Whether the role of a CEO has become abruptly vacant, or an opening came due to retirement, you need the best CEO search services to fulfill the position on time. Our CEO recruiters believe that appointing the CEO is just one step in the entire journey and hence we start by defining the Agile Leader.

Agility is a highly priced attribute. With the pace at which technology is evolving and transforming the way business is conducted, every leader has a bare minimum time to think and respond to these changes. In this uncertain and dynamic landscape, your CEO needs to be ready for unexpected situations, make quick decisions with accuracy, and keep the organization on-track for its future success. In other words, the CEO needs to be extremely Agile. Being agile means being an enabler and disruptor at the same time.

Through our CEO search services, we look for leaders who can connect with people and make things happen at the same time disrupting the existing processes, pushing their employees to take that extra mile.

What do an enabler and disruptor look like?

The primary role of an enabler is to communicate clearly with the workforce. Every employee must be aligned with the vision and mission of the organization. The leader must work towards enabling fellow associates, collaborate effectively, and encourage others to grow and thrive. On the other hand, disruptors tend to replace old processes with the customer-aligned process i.e. they question the status quo and often take confident and bold decisions. These leaders encourage digital literacy in the team and have a clear understanding of the current customer landscape. When you combine these two traits together, you get a truly agile leader.

If you want your next CEO to be a perfect blend of an enabler and a disruptor, then partner with our CEO search services. We have worked with organizations across multiple industries and sizes. Our CEO consultants have in-depth knowledge and expertise about the current trends in the market. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive CEO recruitment and succession plan. The CEO recruiters will align the team with the new CEO, take care of the necessary CEO certification, and make sure that the onboarding is as smooth as possible.

Our satisfied customers bear testimony to the result-driven processes we follow. Our consultants are extremely dedicated and professional individuals. They know how to tap the right talent in the market, even though other firms would fail to spot them. Our CEO search services start from aligning the stakeholders with the new transformation. Then we prepare the job roles and responsibilities. In the next part, we provide a small list of genuine candidates for interviews. Finally, after a series of interviews and discussions, we ensure to on-board the best candidate as your next CEO. As a firm we focus on agility, where quality is always highlighted over quantity, fulfilled in a timely fashion.

At The Taplow Group we help you source the best-fit for your organization’s leadership through our executive search consultants. To know more about our services like leadership coaching, professional hiring, management consulting, reach out to us at

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