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3 Reasons To Use An Executive Search Firm For Your Hiring Needs

Author: Mark Firth/Wednesday, October 9, 2019/Categories: Blogs

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Do you know that a bad hiring decision more often than not, can cause a negative ripple effect through the organization? This includes everything, right from factoring in salary and training time, along with loss of business opportunities or clients from the disruption, and reduction in team morale.

Some of the very common mistakes that the hiring managers make are asking the wrong questions, not articulating the company culture or the job requirements, and not evaluating the candidate as per the role at hand or not knowing the job requirements completely.

So how does one avoid these pitfalls?

One of the best ways to ensure that you have the type of professionals you need is to engage an executive search firm. They will be able to provide you with top-notch talent by taking care of the hiring process end to end which will include gathering information on the candidates, shifting through them, selecting the best ones based on the job description provided, evaluating and assessing them, setting up interviews with the stakeholders, reference checks and finally onboarding.

Here are 3 reasons why should you consider hiring an executive search firm for the hiring needs of your organization.

1. It saves you both, time and money

Looking through CVs can be a tedious task and requires an expert eye. It is easy to miss out on many important details. This can prove to be disastrous, especially when you are hiring for a leadership position.

2. The role could be beyond the internal team’s expertise

This happens with most of the leadership and business critical roles. The internal teams are unable to conduct refine searches that are typically required to fulfill such roles. On the other hand, Executive Search Firms, have the knowledge and expertise that’s required to hire for a specific position. So, you know for sure that you will get the right person for the position.

3. The position is new or needs to be rebuilt

New positions are particularly difficult to hire for because, first, there is no benchmark to serve as a point of reference to determine the skills and expertise needed and secondly, in most cases it could require hiring a candidate from a different field altogether. For example, if an automobile giant is looking for a Chief Digital Officer, it will have to look for someone from an IT/Tech sector.

Typically, when the position falls outside the standard scope, Executive Search Firms are the safest bet for an organization to find the kind of talent they are looking to hire. At The Taplow Group, we help organizations meet their hiring needs with the best talent available in the market. To know more about our services, visit


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