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The evolution of Capital Markets, emerging technologies (Fintech and Blockchain as examples), continuous acceleration of changes in laws and regulations have impacted governments, business entities and individuals in a manner that none of us could possibly have imagined.


Building, shaping, and growing organizations in a complex and quickly changing industry requires experience, expertise, and innovation.  To attract and retain the “right” new people, to reshape business with the people already in place, or to mold your existing workforce to today’s market demands, you need to work with an executive search and consulting firm that truly understands your challenges.


At Taplow, we have exceptionally experienced consultants and advisors with backgrounds in almost every area of finance and financial services including real assets. Our Single Point of Contact team leaders are highly experienced in all aspects of capital raising, transaction structuring, portfolio management, analysis, operations, finance and technology, product management and development.

Our assessment of your enterprise requirements and assistance in creating an organizational structure which determines the profiles of your ideal executives will serve to enhance your firm’s success.



We focus on performance management, succession planning and implementation, effective internal and external communications, performance improvement including PM evaluation and coaching.


Taplow serves the full range of investment managers, bankers, real asset owners, users, managers and transactors and their related service providers virtually anywhere in the world.  Clients include all forms of investment managers and other asset owners, evaluators’ and their advisors. Regardless of size, emerging or established, independent or conglomerate, Taplow can help assess challenges and opportunities, develop options, and implement solutions that transform a company’s human capital and enhance business growth and development. 



Our range of experience is exceptional.  The following is representative of some of the assignments we have undertaken in out Executive Search Practice:

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It used to be so simple: Financial services meant “money” … investing it, protecting it, lending it, and moving it. Individuals and small businesses used commercial banks, local insurance brokers, company credit unions and, if they had cash to invest, stock brokers. They bought directly and established personal relationships with their bankers and brokers. The closest they got to the impersonal world of corporate finance was the credit card and even then, it often came through their local banks.

Large companies would work with “the big guys” to serve their business needs … the institutional investment firms, lenders, and transaction service providers. Corporate customers required sophisticated financial analysis, detailed reporting, and expert advice as part of their package of services. As technology evolved from the mainframe to the desk top to the hand held device that is always available in the office and at home, equality of access and expectations hit the financial services market, finance executives and individual consumers head on. Anyone could buy direct; anyone could track performance and anyone anywhere could be a customer any time of day or night. The financial services market changed forever. And, it keeps changing at a pace that may still be accelerating.

The challenge: To provide the wide array of potential customers the products they demand with the support services they need to make and implement sound financial decisions. And since the customer can be anything from a college student to a multinational corporation, the options, and requirements, can be limitless.

For further Information contact Steve Schrenzel, USA



Our client is a successful US based international Financial Service and Investment Manager. A series of events and analysis suggested that employees should buy the business and senior leaders needed to be developed and positioned to assure a successful buy-back and minimize disruption to any clients. Taplow Group Executive Search Consultants had hired numerous, succession ready, executives and professionals over the years and combined with our highly expert business consultants, facilitated a largely uneventful ownership and management transformation resulting in employee ownership and enhanced profitability while maintaining excellence in performance and client servicing. 

They are a successful US based international financial service business. To facilitate a prior leadership transition involving 3 founders, they sold a controlling interest of their company to strategic buyer who provided liquidity for the founders and ultimately facilitated the buy-out and retirement of the founding executives. The Taplow team provided a range of related business management consulting services to this $10 billion financial and investment services firm based in the United States. 

Services included succession planning and advisement; high-level talent identification, acquisition and development; and senior leader coaching and mentorship. Most importantly, we facilitated operationalizing the succession plan simultaneously with the employee purchase of the business. Initially, the Taplow Group’s collaboration with this client focused on assisting the business’s management, including its CEO, CIO, CFO and COO, in all phases of leadership transition as the long-time CEO prepared to move into a new role and the firm transitioned to new leaders. 

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