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5 Biggest Challenges For Executive Search Consultants In The ‘New Normal’

Author: Social Media/Thursday, August 27, 2020/Categories: Blogs

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The outbreak of the COVID19 global pandemic has radically transformed the work of executive search consultants. The coronavirus outbreak and the restrictions that followed made organizations switch to the remote working model. All ourexecutive search consultant has adapted to a hybrid remote  working model. This means online interviews and networking have replaced face-to-face and personal connections. Here is an insight into the biggest challenges the executive search consultants are facing in the ‘new normal.’

Even though the executive search has been affected, yet there lies an opportunity amid every crisis. Many organizations are in search of talent and C-suite leaders who can steer the company towards success during these difficult times.

Key Challenges in the times of COVID19 for Executive Search Consultants

Many organizations have taken a severe hit in their profits and have turned to layoffs and cost-cutting to compensate for that. More than 40% of organizations across the US have frozen recruiting employees for their top management and senior positions. The industries that took a major blow are travel, tourism, hospitality, and retail. Now, this can be a good opportunity to extend the network for executive recruitment consultants, further their connections with the top talent in the their sectors.

Finding the right talent
It is becoming a huge challenge to fill in open positions because people are not willing to change jobs or shift from one role to another. This has resulted in a reduced number of  appropriate applications, executive search consultants are primed to finding the perfect match for a position.

Remote Recruitment Process
The pandemic has taken every business to the digital platform era. Face to face interviews and live discussions in a meeting room are often not possible. Most executive search firms have digitized the entire recruitment process. Video conferencing, online interviews, and assessments are the near future, and executive consultants have adapted to the digital transformation.

Adopting Technology
The wave of digital transformation brings in many technology shifts. Executive search consultants will need to upskill themselves so that they are well versed with the digital platforms and modern recruitment software. Right now, this entire digitized process might seem a bit overwhelming, but once mastered, it can speed up project outcomes.

Evolving needs of organizations
Leadership needs of organizations have changed over the last few months and continue to rapidly evolve . Organizations require leaders who can steer them towards success during these difficult times. There is a huge spike in demand for HR Finance and Operating officer positions in leadership. Executive employees are acting cautiously regarding career changes or company shifts, making things challenging for the Search Consultant and Companies.

Challenging times bring out the best within us. These seem big challenges, but if you keep focused, then you can surely turn these challenges into great opportunities for the future. At The Taplow Group we are constantly striving to provide you with the best service when it comes to your executive search needs. To know more about our services like leadership coaching, professional hiring, management consulting, reach out to us at


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