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Building a leadership strategy for your organization? Consider these 3 key points.

Author: Mark Firth/Thursday, March 7, 2019/Categories: Blogs

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Pushing an organization forward involves accounting several factors. Dynamic changes are undergone within the organization and certain strategies are needed to be developed in order to sustain a positive growth forward. Herein, developing organizations emphasize on the development of a leadership strategy which entails and pushes forward any organizations core values and offerings. A vision forward is the most vital value for any organization that is looking to develop and expand its services. The major screening factor remains to view this from an organizational context. By laying down a blue print of where the organization is headed and thus analyzing the same to define achievable goals is a quality today’s leaders need to possess to succeed in such a dynamic and competitive environment.

According to recent studies conducted in the APAC region, the major findings of the study determined a sizeable disconnect among the leaders and their values in comparison to the organizations’ values they work for. Moreover marginally over half the organizations had clearly articulated a need for leadership strategy. Even those organizations, who have identified the required strategy and development programs to build leadership capabilities, often miss key details that impact the ultimate success of those programs.

In order to formulate the greatest impact from your leadership development programs, three key components can form the backbone of a strong leadership strategy. They can be identified as:

Explain what leadership means to you and exemplify achievable goals.

Having a well-defined capability framework as the cornerstone of your leadership strategy will ensure your hires, promotions and development programs are all geared towards gaining the specific set of capabilities your organization needs most.

Build a team by identifying the required skills and values to grow.

Hiring practices come into focus here. When you hire someone, along with their capabilities, you’re also hiring their values and ideals and consider them to be additions to your team and organization. In order for fruitful growth, it is important to identify and eradicate possible negative elements that can hamper this growth process.

Developing methodologies to continuously evaluate such development areas helps you build a heat map around your employees and thus develop developmental strategies based on these insights. This will also be helpful in creating a checklist of values and traits you would want to include in your organizations, thus making the hiring processes even more streamlined with the companies’ values.

Make the right investment on your leaders.

The leaders you choose to lead are the major stakeholders of your organization. It is their skill-set that needs to be continuously evaluated and nurtured in order to create a sustainable pipeline of competent leaders. If the leaders fail to account for the dynamic changes, it might hamper the organization and in turn portray them as wasted resources and failed investments.

As an end goal, your leadership strategies should reflect the key responsibilities of your leaders and what they are expected to achieve. When leaders demonstrate the capabilities the organization needs most, and are backed with support to experiment and grow, it has a flow-on effect through the entire workplace, thus promoting a continuous and aligned leadership framework.

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