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Renowned institutions such as the IMF and the World economics group have stated that global growth will weaken in the next decade. However as technology and open access to markets shrinks the world, many companies experience differentiates from those more sanguine projections. As companies seek to expand horizons or become a phenomenon that sees their presence go from local to global, all agree that attracting the right calibre of talent is essential to take advantage of global opportunities.


Taplow is more than finding that key candidate; we often work with clients on identifying Partners, Joint ventures or Acquisitions that can enable our clients to grow without building out a team of people. These strategies are often fraught with issues not encountered previously by clients and Taplow partners can bring their local expertise and experiences to bear on those aspects to ensure the client is aware and protected when entering into Joint Ventures or Acquisitions.


Technology and its global reach can take a brand or project worldwide overnight; we identify local or regional professionals that can add value to client’s propositions in cultural and regional areas they have not previously worked within. Using our Single Point of Contact we collaborate seamlessly for a client often having a local partner coordinate with other Taplow partners on your project.




Situation; A local web development company launched an games app, within days it was number 1 on the iTunes download chart and demand went global overnight.

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For further Information please contact Mark Firth, UK and Timo Toivanen, Finland



A German client a public company of the Financial Service industry shows sustainable double-digit growth over two decades.

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For further Information please contact Peter Knoblich, Germany

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