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Many companies, in almost every business, all over the world have difficulties to find the right competence among their candidates. But often they seek to find people in their own image, thus reducing the scope of candidates that would be attracted or hired into their company.


The Taplow Group has a strong focus to take every step necessary to find, and deliver, the best candidate to their clients. One of the most important issues to reach this goal is to work strategically with diversity.


We see not only the candidate's actual knowledge of the industry, but also the personal characteristics that can increase the client's ability to achieve the set targets. What personal differences, of each candidate, help our clients to reach that goal?


In order to do that, The Taplow Group strives, in every assignment, to widen its network.
Our researchers and consultants actively work to become aware of their own prejudices (unconscious bias). We also look at the client’s personnel to ensure the client has a diverse workforce that serves all its customers.


Clients who embrace diversity ensure they have a holistic representation in the markets they serve, a balance in the workplace that ensures creative thinking and actions are encouraged and that leads to an advantage in the marketplace.




It has taken us years to realize that we really are thinking beyond the legal requirements of non-discrimination and required gender goals.

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For further information please contact Steve Schrenzel, USA



The working environment and the leadership culture of today have been transformed by the digital revolution. For executives, this results in a new and complex set of required attributes.

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For further information please contact Andreas Köchling, Germany

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